Positive Parenting: How to Break Those Bad Discipline Habits

Positive Parenting: How to Break Those Bad Discipline Habits

Parenting is not taught in a classroom, and sadly, our parent’s manual is out of date. With that said, each new generation is a new breed of child, so it is up to us to forge away, and hopefully, not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Everyone tends to get frustrated and make a few of the more common parenting mistakes. The key is to learn from the mistakes and find positive ways to discipline your kids.

Mean What You Say

You should always mean what you say. Instead of shouting out an answer before you know what the questions is, listen to your child. Give him a straight answer, and don’t hedge when he starts to try and change your mind. Saying one thing and then twenty minutes later rethinking the decision gives the kids the idea that you can be persuaded if they hound you long enough.

Keep the Yelling to a Dull Roar

When frustrations run high and things start to get out of control, the first thing most parents do is yell in an attempt to get their kid’s attention. That’s not always the best option. Yelling may get their attention, but it can also teach them to tune you out. Try something new. Talk to them in a low voice, just above a whisper. Not only will you throw them off their game, but you’ll also keep the neighbors out of the family business.

Make the Consequences Count

The old standby of sending a child to his room no longer works, especially if that is where he has his gaming system, computer, television and cell phone. Instead of sending them to their room where they literally have all of the comforts, give them a few chores to do or have them sit with you and talk things over. Find out what the problem is and look for a solution. Sending them to their room is not a punishment anymore, at least not one that works effectively.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If you want your kids to do the right thing, then you need to give them an example to follow. Saying one thing and doing another shows them that it’s okay not to keep their word or follow through on responsibility. If you say something or make a promise, stick to it. The most important things you can teach your child is integrity and responsibility.

Converting your bad parenting habits to good ones will take some time. The important thing is breaking the patterns that will eventually set your child up for failure. If you want them to succeed, you need to find positive ways to reach them. Good discipline tactics teach solid lessons and will give them a foundation to build on as they grow.