Pajama Party Giggles, Parent-Tested Tips!

Pajama parties have been the highlight of many a school girl’s adolescence. While some people think those type of parties have gone out of style, that is far from the case. Both kids and adults can still have a great time if the right type of activities are planned.

No Cell Phones

The first thing to do if the party is going to be a success is collect all of the cell phones and keep them in the kitchen or on chargers in another room. They are available if needed but are not a distraction that will keep someone from truly enjoying themselves.

Make It a Slumber Party

Pajamas are the ideal attire for slumber parties. Have everyone bring a sleeping bag or blankets and take over the living room floor. The kids will have a lot more room, and the parents may actually get to participate in some of the fun and games. Either way, the kids are safe and in full view, so if something should arise, it can easily be taken care of with fewer feelings being hurt.

Movie Time

Talk to the host or hostess prior to the party and find out what kind of movies and snacks the guests would like. Make sure that you have everything on hand before people start arriving. This will allow for more fun and less worry when it comes to finding something to watch and snack on later. It is also a good idea to make sure all of the parents approve of the movie list. Some parents may have preferences as to what their kids watch, especially if they are under the age of ten.

Makeup Madness

No girl’s pajama party would be a success without having a makeup session. Break out the makeup kit and hair styling equipment, and let the girls make themselves up. This is another activity you may want to discuss with the other parents, but for most, this is a fun way for the girls to get to know one another as well as learn the basics of makeup. The best part is Mom gets to participate!

Pajama parties can be as fun as you make them. Grab some games! Look on Pinterest for some unique ideas for party decorations, and then let the kids have some fun. They will be close by and may even let you join in on some of the fun.