Dads and Daughters, 15 Wonderful Ways to Spend Time Together

Daughters grow up fast and many times, dads tend to miss out on some of the best moments. It’s important to make time while they are young and their schedules aren’t so full. Dads and daughters can share many different experiences that will allow them to grow closer and create lifelong memories. The following are just a few ideas to help get things started:

• Go for long walks. Walking is great exercise and when you walk together you can explore your neighborhood and simply enjoy one another’s company.

• Eat breakfast together. Even if it is just cereal or toast, the half an hour you spend at the breakfast table may be just what you need to start the day.

• Attend a Daddy/Daughter dance. Most schools have Daddy/Daughter dances at least once a year. Go and enjoy yourself!

• Take her floating down the river. Taking her down the river in a canoe is a great way to teach her about nature.

• Teach her how cars work. Showing her how to check her own vehicle will give her valuable information if she ever breaks down along the highway. She will thank you in the long run.

• Show her the best ways to make a campfire. Camping can be fun and building a campfire is essential if you want to have a backyard gathering.

• Teach her how to use the family grill. Showing her how to grill adds to her kitchen experience.

• Make a family dinner together. Gather the family and make the main meal together.

• Explore a hiking trail. Take your daughter to the nearest National Park and show her what real nature is. Hiking can be fun. Turn it into a scavenger hunt!

• Go fishing. Whether it’s from a boat or a pier, it’s quality time that you won’t forget.

• Go to a movie. Movie nights can be fun when you take turns choosing what to see.

• Take her out on a date and let her choose the restaurant. No fast food! Go to a real restaurant.

• Attend a sporting event. Take her to see her favorite sporting team!

• Read a favorite book together. Reading builds the imagination. Choose one of your old favorites and read it out loud, complete with voices and sound effects.

• Play a game. Board games, card games, etc., will all get the competitive juices flowing.

The opportunities for quality Daddy/Daughter time are endless. Find things that you both like to do and set aside time each week to go and have fun together. Life is too short to let these special times go by. Make time to build lifelong family memories.