Books Kids Love By Age

Books Kids Love By Age

Reading to children has been proven to be one of the fastest teaching methods ever. Kids who learn to enjoy books when they are young have an entire world open to them as they get older. When parents begin reading to their children during infancy, by the time the children are old enough to hold the book for themselves, they can identify letters and know the sounds associated with them. As kids get older, they will often choose books based on the things they like, but they will also go after books that look interesting.


This is the age where pictures are everything. They help children identify objects and allow them to associates letters with words and objects. Look for books that are visually appealing. The more pictures they have, the more your child will like them. This will help you teach your child the names of objects as well as spur their imagination.


At this age, kids are learning to identify not only letters but words as well. Finding ways to help string them together is the key if you plan to hold your child’s interest. The books for this age group should contain pictures as well as words. The words should be easy to sound out as well as a little challenging. This is also the age when social interaction begins to make a difference in a child’s personality. Give your children books that talk about making new friends and having fun at school.


Kids at this age want something that will expand their mind and allow them to use their imagination. Prompt them to learn new things by offering books that are a little different from what they are used to. Encourage them to explore and go on exciting and new adventures. Keep looking for things your kids find interesting and offer them books to help them learn as much as possible. Take them to the library and see what kinds of books they are drawn to on their own.

9 to 14

Kids at this age have become somewhat worldly. Open the door to different cultures and let them move forward on their own. Offer them books that touch their mind and make them think for themselves. Include books that have a touch of history and allow your child to begin to venture into short novels designed for kids. Older kids tend to look for books that challenge their thinking and explore new concepts. Biographies are also a good idea, especially if they have someone they consider a role model.

Providing your child with age-appropriate reading material is the best way to make sure their interest in reading continues to grow. Peaking their curiosity when they are little is the best way to keep them focused on reading well into their teenage years.